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SEO Analysis Report & Actionable Insights

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A website’s SEO score is a good indicator of how well optimised it is for high visibility in online search results. If you wish to achieve higher ranking and greater exposure for your website in search results, it is essential that your website has a high SEO score.

In just 15 seconds, our free website audit tool can analyse your website and give you the SEO score for your site, along with a detailed audit report containing actionable insights to help improve your website’s performance in online search. The insights are simple to understand and easy to act upon.

A typical SEO analysis report for a website includes the following signals:

    • SPEED

      • Page load time
      • Page size
      • Total file requests


    • URL

      • SEO-friendly URL
      • Keyword in URL
      • URL does not contain underscores or dashes
      • Page distance from domain root



      • Keyword in title tag
      • Keyword starts title tag
      • Title tag appropriate length



      • Keyword in description tag
      • Description tag length


    • IMAGES

      • Missing image “alt” tags
      • Keyword in image “alt” tag
      • Keyword in image filename
      • Image filenames do not contain underscores or dashes



      • Has headings
      • Keyword in headings
      • No duplicate headings


    • COPY

      • Wordcount
      • Keyword frequency
      • Keyword in augmented font
      • Keyword in first 100 words
      • Keyword in anchor text
      • Has HTML sitemap


    • CODE

      • Is W3 valid
      • Does not contain flash
      • Does not contain inline CSS
      • Text-to-HTML ratio
      • Has “schema” tag
      • Has XML sitemap


    • SOCIAL

      • Has Twitter button
      • Has Facebook button
      • Has Google+ button
      • Has blog


    • MOBILE

      • Has Mobile sitemap
      • Server uses compression (e.g., gzip) for faster downloads
      • Has Apple icon
      • Has Viewport tag


    • LINKS

      • External links (Moz)
      • External links from unique domains (Moz)
      • Total links on page
      • Total nofollow links on page
      • MozTrust
      • MozRank
      • MozPageAuthority



      • External links (Moz)
      • External links from unique domains (Moz)
      • MozTrust
      • MozRank
      • MozDomainAuthority
      • Total indexed pages



    • Domain length
    • Keyword in domain
    • Domain age
    • Domain expiration
    • WWW-redirect
    • Canonicalized IP address
    • Accessible via SSL (HTTPS)
    • Has robots.txt file
    • Has favicon


Once you receive your website’s SEO audit report via email, you can start optimising your website on your own right away, and if you have the time and the technical expertise, you can even fix most of the issues listed in the report yourself, and achieve great results for your website. However, most business owners and entrepreneurs may prefer to spend their time and attention focusing on running their business, rather than fixing SEO issues on their websites.

We fully understand this, and if you’d rather work with a professional SEO company to optimise your website, while you focus on what comes to you naturally and what you’re best at, we are here to help.

Feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to provide you with expert SEO advice and support.

Click here to find out your website’s SEO score and get a detailed site analysis report, showing you how optimised your website is for Google, and what you need to do to achieve better results in the search engine’s organic results.

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    Dita Pahl

    positive review We have been using Sharp Circles for SEO on our website, and the results have been amazing! Syd managed to get us to first page on Google within 3 weeks and we have stayed there ever since. We no longer have to pay for a Google Ad, and the traffic to our website has increased enormously. Syd has answered all of my questions promptly and thoroughly and has made SEO effortless for us. Would highly recommend Sharp Circles to any business, thank you Syd!

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    Sandy Mollison
  • positive review Thanks to Syd for all his help on my website.

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    Daniel Davis

    Syd & team helped get me on the first page with my main search term in less time than planned. Communication has been great & I plan to move forward with Sharp circles as my business continues to grow.

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    Brad Parkinson
  • positive review Syd has done a great job getting my new website on first page of google. He has taken my website from rock bottom to now competing with my top competitors on first page. Thanks Syd great work.

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    Garry Sonter

    positive review Syd at Sharp Circles has increased my site rankings considerably. Clear communication and professional work. I would recommend to try Sharp Circles to take your business to the next level!!

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    Jean Mae
  • Happy with the service so far. DA increased from 0 to 18 now and my visibility is greater now. My key words are also better positioned. Happy to progress with the services in the future.

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    Attila Nogrady

    positive review Great content and great presentation.

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    Marc Dunienville
  • Syd from Sharp Circles has helped my research website gain visibility, and has helped get me off to a great start with the research! Thanks Syd. Couldn't have done it without you guys!!! Jill

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    Jill Middleton

    I was skeptical in the beginning but Sharp circles had been an amazing help! Thank you team for helping us increase our ranking and web traffic. Do not hesitate to reach out to Sharp Circles to expand your business!

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    Antony Devassy
  • positive review Syd is awesome. Highly recommend

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    Mark F Newton

    Syd is such a pleasure to work with and has been very helpful and keeping us informed with our SEO progress. Highly recommend.

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    Backstage Presents
  • positive review thanks for the ongoing SEO help for my website.

    I found Syd to be very professional which is who I delt with directly at Sharp Circles.

    highly reccomend

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    Emma Gorvin

    positive review I attended a Sharp Circles session on SEO Fundamentals in Sydney tonight and found it really informative and useful. I've had my own blog for a long time but am about to start a new venture so it's time to finally get on to the SEO. I felt like this session sent me away with some simple things I can implement straight away. I also appreciated that there was no hard sell.

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    Elizabeth Cage
  • Syd has massively increased my search ranking for the key words I requested. I can recommend giving him a go.

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    Nick Lucey