Here are some of the best SEO tools that website owners can use to optimise their websites for higher rankings in Google organic search.

Google Analytics
Using google analytics, users can track what are the search queries are sending traffic to the website, top search queries, geographic information of the traffic and what device the users are using to the queries etc. when connected into the google search console.

Google Keyword Planner
The keyword planner is set up under the Google Ads platform. Once the user signs up for the service, they can start using the planner. Using the keyword planner, the users can find new keywords. In the planner, the user is able to any enter a keyword and the planner will give results on the top keywords based on the relevance of the input, the average monthly searches, competition, ad impression share, search trends through out the year etc. the planner also suggests some related terms along with a ton of information on the keywords. The idea of the keyword planner is to get suitable keywords and create content around them and drive more traffic into it.

If the user isn’t signed up for Google Ads, a simple alternative for Google Keywords is Ubersuggest. Just like keyword planner once a keyword is entered, it gives about as much information as Google keywords. The keywords entered will provide information on the long-tail variations of the provided keywords.

Google Search Console
The main tool used to track how the website is performing in Google search results is the “Google Search Console”. It shows how many web searching clicks the website is getting, what sort of issues are there in the coverage of Google index, how many clicks, total impression of the website over a certain time period, top search queries. When the Google search console is connected the user can see the top landing pages, top search queries etc.

Google Page Speed Insights
This is a tool crated by Google to measure the speed of the website. It can measure both the desktop version and the mobile version. Once the user is in the “Page speed” page, the desired website link can be entered, and a score will be generated based on the speed of the pages along with some other issues the pages might be having such as latency and time to interactive. This tool also gives information on how to improve the speed once a score is given.

Same as Google page speed, the user has to enter the URL a will generate a score. Unlike Google page speed, GTmetrix isn’t exactly free. It does have a free to use version and a paid version. (GTmetrix PRO) The free version does take some time to generate results. The pro version gives the ability to make unlimited searches, faster results and a much more sophisticated result set. This also has a WordPress plugin which helps developer to fix a lot of errors on their project.

Sharp Circles Free SEO Audit Tool
Another free tool that can be used is Sharp Circles’ free SEO Audit Tool. This tool looks at your website just like a search engine would and then provides you with a report with actionable insights to help improve your website’s SEO score and its rankings over time. It gives a score on the page level SEO along with the page level speed score. After the analytics are done, the users receive a detailed PDF report via email, with an in-depth audit of the performance and errors on the website.

Yoast SEO Plugin
This is a SEO tool that is available for WordPress designers. Yoast is a highly rated plugin. There are about 20 000 5-star reviews and only about 500 1-star reviews. Overall the plugin has a 4.9/5 rating. This also comes with a premium version (Yoast Premium) which connects with WOOCommerce and give more information of the commercial data. This will generate a site map for the website, help in optimizing titles and meta descriptions for the websites etc. Yoast also give suggestions on which pages needs to be indexed and which pages shouldn’t be indexed at all.

MOZ Link Explorer
This tool provides user with a total of 10 search queries every month with a free MOZ account. Once the domain is entered, the link explorer will give information on the backlink profile, inbound links, location of the inbound links, anchor texts used by other websites, link analytics etc. There are other free SEO tools available that goes along side with the Pro version to improve the website. Such as a keyword explorer, link explorer and an on-page metrics tool.

Backlink Checker
This tool developed by ahrefs, give a backlink profile for a website and will display the top 100 backlinks, top 5 anchors and top 5 pages. More backlinks are available once the user signs up for the paid version. In the results page there are a lot of information on backlinks such as the number of links linking to the user’s website or to a competitor’s website, see which pages they are linking to etc.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider
This is a SEO tool which the user has to download. It comes as a free version and also a paid version. Using SEO spider, the user can find broken links in the website and fix them. When the user enters the URL, the user can find out which pages does not exist (Pages with error code 404). It will look at all the pages just as the Google crawler would do and give suggestion on to the pages that needs improvement. Certain pages might be very thin and may have less content in them. SEO spider will tell how to upgrade and improve the page. The tool also analyses page titles and meta descriptions, can discover duplicate content on the website. The free version only allows to crawl 500 URLs and the paid version allows unlimited crawling.

Website Responsiveness Test
Entering the website URL will tell the user whether the website is mobile friendly. The more mobile friendly the website is the higher the ranking in Google will be. If the website isn’t mobile friendly there is a much lesser change of ranking high. This website will tell the user whether the user’s website is compatible on all the mobile devices irrespective of their brand.

Answer The Public
Using this web tool that can be used to find out what sort of questions and queries the consumers are having by generating a report on what they are searching on Google. When the user enters the desired key phrase, it gives a result of all the questions asked about the key phrase. The user can simply copy the most relevant phrase and use it on the content of the website.

Hemingway Editor
This isn’t exactly a tool, rather a basic word editor which can be used for writing content. The user can copy paste the content from the website or just write up a draft of the content and can see whether the content is written well. It corrects the grammar, fluency and the sentence structure in order to help the writing stand out from the crowd and looking better.

Keywords Everywhere
This is a chrome extension. This extension/tool will show the user how many other people are searching a relevant keyword or terms on Google. This gives more keyword ideas because the user can see the search volume and how well the keywords are performing.